RAYN Syrcadia Software

RAYN Syrcadia Software Now Available for PC, Providing Advanced Horticultural Lighting Control

RAYN Syrcadia software provides precise and intuitive control of variable spectrum horticultural research luminaires. Now, users can install this advanced lighting control software directly on PC.

RAYN Syrcadia is able to control crop illumination in multiple growing zones independently. The software uses a graphical interface, displaying the number of emitted μmol/s for each waveband of each light.

Users can record specific spectra and trigger those spectra using day plans with to-the-second, time-of-day commands. The recording, scheduling, and reporting features in RAYN Syrcadia software make it simple for plant researchers to recreate lighting conditions for each experiment.

RAYN Syrcadia is compatible with RAYN luminaires as well third-party horticultural luminaire models, with support for up to 80 individually controllable luminaires or relays.

RAYN Syrcadia software is also available in the RAYN Touch controller, a dedicated hardware solution. This grow room controller features a touchscreen, data connections, and a wireless sensor antenna.

With the addition of RAYN Syrcadia software for PC, growers now have more flexibility while building a complete horticultural lighting system with RAYN lighting, sensing, and control solutions.