RAYN horticultural lighting systems

RAYN Touch System Lodi

One system for spectral tools, control, and monitoring

RAYN offers complete spectral research systems, ensuring precise control of lighting conditions across any growing environment. With a full line of control, lighting, and sensing solutions, the RAYN team is equipped to build out entirely bespoke horticultural lighting systems for research facilities. Easily manage experiments with end-to-end horticultural solutions all provided by RAYN Growing Systems.

RAYN System

RAYN Touch Controller

Spectral controls

RAYN Touch software provides granular control for a wide range of variable spectrum horticultural research luminaires and supplemental devices, such as dimmers and relays. A RAYN Touch unit can control multiple growing zones, with the capability to record spectra and schedule them into complex growth plans. Data from RAYN sensors is tracked in RAYN Touch, allowing you to monitor your growing environments and export reports from the user-friendly RAYN Touch unit.

RAYN Rosa Luminaires

Variable-spectrum research luminaires

All RAYN research luminaires feature advanced LED technology and a wide range of individually controllable wavebands. In addition to flexible spectral mixes, researchers can expect an even output of spectral energy across growing areas. Flawless dimming from 0 to 100 percent is a constant among RAYN lighting tools. Setup is easy with DMX-RDM Remote Device Management for remote configuration, as well as daisy-chaining capabilities for simple and cost-effective installation.

RAYN Sensor


Monitor critical environmental factors in your facility with RAYN sensors. The Photo Sensor measures PAR, allowing you to monitor and adjust the amount of light energy your plants receive each day when paired with RAYN Touch’s Daily Light Integral (DLI) control. With RAYN sensors, researchers have even more control over plants’ environmental conditions.

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