RAYN horticultural lighting systems

RAYN Touch System Lodi

One system for grow lighting, control, and monitoring

RAYN offers complete grow light systems, ensuring precise control of lighting conditions across any growing environment. With a full line of control, lighting, and sensing solutions, the RAYN team is equipped to build out entirely bespoke horticultural lighting systems for any growing facility. Easily manage your grow plan with end-to-end horticultural solutions all provided by RAYN Growing Systems.

RAYN Touch Controller

Grow Light Controls

RAYN offers all the control solutions you need to complete a horticulture lighting system. For plant research, the RAYN Syrcadia software on PC or the RAYN Touch controller offers granular spectral control that can be scheduled to the second. For the greenhouse grower that needs a reliable setup to maintain light levels, RAYN’s white light control solutions deliver simplified, automated control. In any RAYN control system, data from RAYN Sensors helps you monitor growing environments and ensure plants are getting the exact light levels and spectra they need.

Rosa Alina system

Variable-spectrum research luminaires

All RAYN research luminaires feature advanced LED technology and a wide range of individually controllable wavebands. Expect an even output of spectral energy across growing areas and flawless dimming from 0 to 100 percent. Rosa luminaires provide precise waveband control in a 600 W, robust package suitable for placement from 1-6m above the crop. The Rosa luminaire’s variable optics provide the ultimate control over light distribution. The Alina family of products provide precise control of up to 8 wavebands in a 160-200 W compact, convection-cooled package suitable for shelving systems.

Broad spectrum commercial luminaires

Broad spectrum commercial luminaires

RAYN luminaires for production farming bring efficiency and flexibility to indoor growing operations. The Fotono LED luminaire is a 1:1 HPS replacement, delivering massive energy savings in a compact package. Fotono features advanced spectral technology, ranging from tunable blue to red dominant peaks. For a cost-effective bar lighting solution, Lyda luminaires fit seamlessly into production grow light systems. Lyda users can achieve their spectral needs by selecting the 5000 K Sun Spectrum option or the White + Deep Red option.

RAYN Sensor


Monitor critical environmental factors in your facility with RAYN sensors. The Photo Sensor measures PAR, allowing you to monitor and adjust the amount of light energy your plants receive each day when paired with RAYN Syrcadia’s Daily Light Integral (DLI) control. With RAYN sensors, researchers have even more control over plants’ environmental conditions.

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