Spectral research tools for horticultural applications

RAYN Growing Systems provides LED lighting and control solutions for horticultural research applications. With highly precise spectral and intensity controls, RAYN solutions allow researchers to achieve fine-grain control in every lighting experiment. Our horticultural lighting instruments can be customized with a wide range of wavebands that meet your performance expectations. Accurate and consistent lighting spectra are a constant across our product range, with intuitive controls that allow you to record any spectrum you need and schedule it within a complex and repeatable growth plan. RAYN Growing Systems advanced technology is grounded in decades of LED research and development, conducted by our parent company, ETC.

Horticultural solutions

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Extensive wavebands, intuitive controls, one complete system

With a RAYN spectral research system, you can readily create and schedule the growth plan your research requires. RAYN Touch software makes it simple to build a precise spectral mix, with the capability to select the number of emitted μmol/s for each specific waveband on a graphical interface. Record spectral combinations to schedule into a daily lighting regimen as required by your experiments. RAYN Touch is compatible with RAYN luminaires as well as a vast selection of other horticultural luminaire models. Research professionals in any setting can rely on RAYN lighting systems to manage light levels, spectral content, and lighting schedules, while ensuring uniformity across growing areas.