Lighting solutions for horticultural applications

RAYN Growing Systems provides plant scientists and production farmers with advanced horticultural lighting tools. Our products are grounded in 45 years of advancements in multi-spectral lighting technology, pioneered by our parent company, ETC. Founded in 1975, ETC is the global leader in entertainment lighting and control solutions. Now, ETC’s advanced technology has been adapted into RAYN horticultural products—giving new meaning to our long-held belief that light is life.


Whether your needs are complex or economical, RAYN has a solution for you. RAYN’s variable-spectrum luminaires and precise controls enable researchers to reliably execute any experiment. For the greenhouse aiming to maximize yield while minimizing costs, RAYN’s most affordable solutions deliver energy efficiency in a compact package. At RAYN, we pride ourselves in delivering both superior horticultural lighting solutions and dependable, long-lasting customer support. Let’s grow together.

RAYN Horticultural solutions

One complete lighting system, meeting the many needs of today’s plant research

With a RAYN spectral research system, you can readily create and schedule the growth plan your research requires. Get the spectral flexibility you need with a wide range of customizable wavebands in our horticultural lighting instruments. RAYN Syrcadia software makes it simple to build a precise spectral mix, with the capability to select the number of emitted μmol/s for each specific waveband on a graphical interface. Record spectral combinations to schedule into a daily lighting regimen as required by your experiments. RAYN Syrcadia runs on the RAYN Touch controller or PC and is compatible with RAYN luminaires as well as a vast selection of other horticultural luminaire models. Research professionals in any setting can rely on RAYN lighting systems to manage light levels, spectral content, and lighting schedules, while ensuring uniformity across growing areas.

Greenhouse solutions that deliver more while costing less

Make the most of upgrading your greenhouse lighting system with RAYN. Our Fotono luminaires offer a direct LED replacement for HPS lamps that not only improves your lighting—it improves your bottom line. Expect instant energy savings and reduced maintenance needs from the moment a Fotono luminaire is plugged in. Crops benefit from your ability to simulate a perfect growing day with RAYN’s advanced spectral technology. Stepless dimming also allows you to maximize energy savings by practicing daylight harvesting.