Fotono luminaires

Fotono is a full spectrum LED horticultural luminaire. This direct 1:1 HPS replacement makes it easy for greenhouses to go LED, while also providing immediate benefits to growers that will last for years to come.

  • 1:1 HPS replacement
  • High output
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Advanced spectral LED technology
  • Instant energy savings
  • Reduced maintenance
  • DLC® Horticulture Listed
  • Daylight harvesting capabilities
  • 5-year warranty with guaranteed 50,000-hour Q90 LED integrity

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High output, small footprint

Fotono dimensions

The transition to LED is easy with Fotono. The lightweight, compact design makes installation hassle-free, with minimal structural burden on your greenhouse and limited shading on your crops. There is no need to change the overall layout of a greenhouse’s lighting system with Fotono luminaires, yet facilities will reap the benefits of consistent, high output all while saving energy.

Maximize yield, minimize maintenance

Fotono Warm to Cool

An LED retrofit yields benefits beyond labor and energy savings. The Fotono luminaire’s advanced spectral technology ranges from tunable blue and red dominant peaks. With the ability to mimic the spectral content of sunrises and sunsets, growers can always simulate a perfect growing day, regardless of weather conditions.

Many greenhouses rely on a mix of HPS and mercury vapor lamps to place crops under red dominant or blue dominant spectral peaks depending on their stage of life. Fotono technology encompasses both ends of the spectral range all in one package with its patented Day Light Analog Spectrum with a deep PBAR range. Greenhouse staff no longer have to move crops or lamps to ensure that plants are getting the appropriate spectral content for their stage of life. Additionally, using certain spectral wavelengths can limit the amount of chemicals required for plant growth, helping your facility stand out from the competition.

While a standard HPS lamp might require maintenance every 6 months due to degradation, Fotono luminaires come with a 5-year L90 warranty. This improved durability means your facility can spend less time on fixture maintenance and more time on improving growth practices.

Improve daylight harvesting

Fotono comparisongraphs

Fotono luminaires readily work with natural sunlight to save on energy consumption. With stepless dimming from 0 to 100 percent, Fotono can provide the exact level of brightness your crops need—no more, no less. This enhanced control beyond simply turning the fixtures on or off allows growers to take greater advantage of daylight harvesting.

Reliable and long-lasting

Fotono luminaires are designed specifically for the horticultural environment, advancing the technology of a previous generation fixture that has already deployed 50,000+ units in greenhouses. Look forward to instant energy savings, ease of maintenance, and a robust feature set that benefits crop growth and streamlines the growing process.

When you partner with RAYN, we’re here to support you for the long haul. An ETC company, RAYN is grounded in 45 years of advancements in lighting science and renowned customer service. From retrofits to new builds, the RAYN team is equipped to help facilities create a lighting system tailored to your needs.

How much could you save with Fotono?

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