About RAYN Growing Systems


Driven by decades of lighting research and development

RAYN Growing Systems is dedicated to providing researchers and growers with technologically advanced horticultural lighting solutions. RAYN product offerings are grounded in 45 years of advancements in lighting science, LED technology, and system-wide controls developed by our parent company, ETC.

Founded in 1975, ETC is a leading provider of live entertainment and architectural lighting solutions across the globe. With end-to-end lighting system solutions from complex controls, to intuitive wall stations, to world-class LED luminaires, ETC has long been perfecting every detail in lighting installations.

RAYN About Us

With RAYN solutions, plant scientists and growers benefit from the exact control, robust LED arrays, and complex system capabilities that have now become the ETC standard. The RAYN team is also well-versed in working with customers to develop bespoke lighting systems. We are committed to helping plant physiologists and indoor growers equip their facilities with spectral tools that perform beyond expectations.

RAYN LED array

Growing from 45 years of LED research and development conducted by our parent company, ETC

RAYN Calendar Plant

Delivering intuitive controls to create precise spectral schedules for plant research

RAYN 3 lights

Building complete lighting systems, including robust LED luminaires, advanced controls, and reliable sensors