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RAYN Vision Camera

The RAYN Vision System (RVS) is a compact, multispectral camera imaging tool for plant researchers. Designed for use with RAYN’s open source Vision software or third party developer tools, the Vision Camera takes multispectral images for studying plant behavior.

The RVS Camera uses built-in LEDs to illuminate the plants with up to 9 wavebands + white (broad spectrum). The Camera captures the reflection of surfaces using the user-selected wavelength bands and creates multi-spectral image cubes in ENVI format; these image cubes contain more information than the human eye can see and can be used to analyze plant material non-destructively.

RAYN Vision Camera

For example, it is possible to estimate the content of phytochemicals such as anthocyanin in leaves or identify and analyze chlorosis to detect pathogen infection early on in the plant development cycle. Unlike large, expensive stationary traditional multispectral cameras that require plants or plant materials be moved to them, the RAYN Vision System is compact, can be mounted in growing spaces directly, and allows the choice of pre-scheduled stand-alone operation with local data card storage or full wireless integration with your lab system.


RAYN’s patented Vision System uses the unique approach of photographing multiple monochromatic images in a dark environment while lighting the plants with different colored LEDs, rather than using a full color image and applying various filters to derive the desired nanometer resolution. This method allows RAYN Vision systems to be deployed in large scale crop areas that more expensive technology would not be cost effective for use. RVS integrates seamlessly with RAYN’s Syrcadia software; it allows the camera to trigger Syrcadia to turn off the grow lights, creating the dark environment necessary for proper camera operation. When the cycle is complete, the camera triggers Syrcadia to resume the grow lighting.

Plants multi spectrum

Plants Multi image

Scientists can use the RAYN Vision system to analyze and monitor plant health , and assess food quality. Photography suitable for the human eye usually involves three primary spectral bands – red, green, and blue. But multispectral cameras can capture images with many more wavebands not visible to the eye. By taking multiple images and stacking them, an image cube can be used to create a multispectral signature for each plant area. This allows the scientist to detect multiple problems and related plant issues. By examining leaf area, and leaf area over time, grow rates can be analyzed, as well as plant phenotyping, pathogen and diseases, water stress, pigment level, chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins, photosystem efficiency, and nutrient transport efficiency.


The RAYN Vision System Camera comes with a convenient plant analysis software package – RAYN Vision System Analytics, which is designed to connect, download, and analyze Multispectral Image Cubes on a Windows 10 or better PC. Multispectral Image Cubes are stored in ENVI format on the provided SD- Card in the RVS Camera itself, or on the PC running RVS Analytics via remote download. The RVS Camera features an intuitive web interface and an EasyConnect three-step process for initial setup. REST API is included to connect to lab-based workflows, and the Scheduler can be used for image captures at various intervals or time of day.

Also, analyzed plant data can be published live over MQTT to other control systems on the greenhouse network. For example, if a greenhouse control system detects that certain data points provided by the RVS analytics software are out of bounds, it can initiate counter measures to stabilize the plant chemistry (e.g. communicate back to the fertilization system that a particular area needs a different nutrient composition or simply more water). Every component of growth success can be monitored and acted upon.

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