Alina luminaires and Power System

With a sleek design and low profile, Alina luminaires are optimized for photobiological research in shelving systems or suspended wire applications. The Alina system features a modular design, complete with advanced control capabilities and six standard wavebands with the option to add two custom bands. The accompanying Alina Power System supports highly detailed experimentation and laboratory work.

Alina luminaires and Power System

Alina system

Flexible installation

Make the Alina system your own with expansive installation possibilities. Multiple Alina luminaires may be ganged together to make arrays of any size, with no de-rating of capacity. Operate each unit independently or combine multiple luminaires into a single block for simple control.

Alina lamp heads can be installed to project light downwards or sideways, maintaining equally effective cooling, operation, and water resistance. The compact luminaires can easily be suspended on wires or built into shelving systems.

Alina in green

Customizable wavebands

Each Alina luminaire includes a standard set of six individually controllable colors: white, blue, lime, green, deep red, and far red. There is a custom option for users to specify up to two additional wavebands, either increasing colors that are already included, or making additions such as UV-A, violet, cyan, amber, far red, and more. Each waveband dims smoothly from 0 to 100 percent.

Alina luminaires

Simple operation

Alina luminaires are convection cooled and fanless. The accompanying Alina Power System is available in 350 W, 600 W, and 1500 W options to accommodate installations of varying sizes. For larger systems, an optional remote power/signal distribution box minimizes wiring.

Shuyang Zhen Alina

Advance your research with Alina

The Alina Power System and luminaires help research facilities create precise lighting conditions, all in a compact package. Take advantage of the modular design to build the lighting system that best suits your scientific needs.

Please visit our Controls page for information on controlling RAYN luminaires.

Advance your research with Alina