Lyda luminaires

Lyda luminaires are a cost-effective bar lighting solution, delivering the latest in LED technology. Users can achieve their spectral needs by selecting the 5000 K Sun Spectrum option or the White + Deep Red option. Featuring a sleek, compact design, Lyda readily fits into a wide range of horticultural facilities.

Compact and flexible

Lyda is both lightweight and narrow, making it easy to install, while also limiting shading on crops in greenhouses. With Lyda, growers have the flexibility to use it in overhead, suspended-wire applications, and horizontal, interlighting applications. For larger systems, multiple Lyda units can be ganged together in arrays of any size with no de-rating of capacity.

Lyda luminaires

Advanced LED technology

Lyda is available in the latest generation 5000 K Sun Spectrum array or White + Deep Red array. Lyda luminaires are dimmable from 10–100% and may be dimmed to ‘off’, resulting in a minimum quiescent standby power (<0.5 W). Designed with durability in mind, Lyda luminaires are long-lasting, IP66 rated, and convection cooled. Optional lenses are available to narrow the beam, if desired.

Get started with Lyda

Lyda luminaires provide affordable horticultural lighting in a small, adaptable package. And they fit seamlessly with the remainder of the RAYN suite of lighting, sensing, and control solutions. Get in touch with our team to start growing with Lyda.

Please visit our Controls page for information on controlling RAYN luminaires.