Jarred Joffe RAYN
RAYN Hires Jarred Joffe as Product Market Manager

RAYN Growing Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Jarred Joffe as Product Marketing Manager. Jarred has spent six years working for horticultural lighting and control companies including Gavita, Agrolux, and Sunlight Supply. During that time, he spent many…

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Dr. Shuyang Zhen’s Research with RAYN
Dr. Shuyang Zhen’s Research in Controlled Environment Agriculture Supported by RAYN Luminaires and Control

Dr. Shuyang Zhen, an assistant professor at Texas A&M University, is exploring a new area of research with the help of Alina luminaires from RAYN Growing Systems. With a Ph.D. in Horticulture from the University of Georgia and a rich…

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PEARL of wisdom

This article by Rob Halliday discusses the use of RAYN Growing Systems technology in UCL PEARL and was first published in LSi, March 2023 (www.lsionline.com). When a government lab wants to model the real world to test the best way…

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RAYN Growing Systems LED Grow Lights
Lighting Solutions for Horticultural Applications—An Interview with AgriTechTomorrow

This Q&A with Technical Salesperson Hannah Ball was originally shared by AgriTechTomorrow. Tell us about RAYN Growing Systems and your role with the company. RAYN Growing Systems provides researchers and growers with technologically advanced horticultural lighting solutions. Our parent company,…

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Ghent University conducts light research with RAYN
Ghent University conducts light research with RAYN to help guide agricultural practices of the future

Professor Kathy Steppe from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University conducts research focusing on how light affects plant growth—and the impact of the findings could reach as far as space. It is well known that light is necessary…

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Hannah Ball joins horticultural sales force
Hannah Ball joins horticultural sales force for RAYN Growing Systems by ETC

The RAYN Growing Systems team grows with the addition of Hannah Ball as a technical salesperson. In this new position, Ball will develop new business opportunities in the research-based and commercial production horticultural lighting markets. “At RAYN Growing Systems, we…

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