Jarred Joffe RAYN

RAYN Hires Jarred Joffe as Product Market Manager

RAYN Growing Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Jarred Joffe as Product Marketing Manager. Jarred has spent six years working for horticultural lighting and control companies including Gavita, Agrolux, and Sunlight Supply. During that time, he spent many hours evaluating competitive products, supporting customers in the field, and developing new products to the market. He brings a wealth of customer experience driven product management to the RAYN Growing Systems team.

Joffe says, “ETC’s extensive history and expertise in lighting, sensing, and controls strategically position them for rapid innovation in the horticultural industry. With a profound understanding of wireless systems, power electronics, and LED lighting, they are well-equipped to explore exciting development opportunities. I see a unique opportunity to leverage this expertise, and am excited to introduce new methods to simplify the growing experience for both current and future generations of growers. The in-depth skill sets available at ETC made the transition to RAYN a no-brainer. RAYN is a tight team focused on delivering exceptional customer driven solutions to the horticultural industry.”

Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Operations Jake Dunnum commented, “We are quite excited to bring Jarred onboard RAYN Growing Systems. His depth of knowledge and passion for the industry make him an integral addition to the RAYN team.”

RAYN is a horticulture lighting company backed by ETC a 50-year-old company, leading the LED innovation and controls in theatrical lighting worldwide, among many other product lines with over 600k sq. ft. of manufacturing in Wisconsin and over 1m sq. ft. of manufacturing worldwide. For more information, visit rayngrowingsystems.com.