Fotono luminaires

RAYN Growing Systems releases Fotono luminaires, replacing HPS greenhouse lamps

RAYN Growing Systems, a leading manufacturer of lighting and control equipment for horticultural environments, introduces new Fotono luminaires. Fotono is a one-to-one LED replacement for HPS luminaires used in greenhouses. With high output, a small footprint, and advanced spectral capabilities, Fotono provides immediate benefits to growers upon installation.

Fotono features a lightweight and compact design, minimizing the structural burden on greenhouses and reducing shading on crops. Facilities completing an LED retrofit with Fotono can easily install the luminaires where HPS lamps once were placed.

Fotono enables growers to simulate a perfect spectral growing day with the patented Day Light Analog Spectrum with a deep PBAR range. Instead of relying on a mix of HPS and mercury vapor lamps to achieve both red and blue dominant spectral peaks, growers can access the red-blue spectral range all from Fotono luminaires.

Beyond the instant energy savings an LED retrofit provides, Fotono reduces energy consumption by improving daylight harvesting capabilities. Growers can supplement natural sunlight with the exact level of brightness needed with Fotono’s stepless dimming from 0 to 100 percent.

Fotono luminaires advance the technology of a previous generation fixture that has already deployed more than 50,000 units in greenhouses.

Fotono expands RAYN’s advanced suite of lighting, control, and sensing solutions for horticultural environments. An ETC company, all of RAYN Growing Systems’ offerings are grounded in 45 years of lighting science and renowned customer service.