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RAYN Growing Systems introduces Alina luminaire and power system, optimized for photobiological research

RAYN Growing Systems, a leading manufacturer of lighting and control equipment for horticultural research, expands its lighting range with the addition of the Alina luminaire and power system. Featuring a sleek, modular design, Alina luminaires are ideal for shelving systems or suspended wire applications.


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Research facilities can build an Alina system to suit their needs with the ability to gang Alina units together in arrays of any size, with no de-rating of capacity. Each Alina luminaire includes a set of six individually controllable colors with the option to add two additional wavebands. Smooth dimming is a constant across each waveband from 0 to 100 percent.

RAYN Alina luminaire

The accompanying Alina Power System is available in 350 W, 600 W, and 1500 W options to accommodate installations of varying sizes. An optional remote power/signal distribution box minimizes wiring for larger systems.

Precise dimming and modulation control make Alina spectral research tools a reliable choice for detailed experimentation and laboratory work. Alina joins RAYN’s robust line of lighting, control, and sensing solutions, offering researchers all the tools they need to complete a horticultural lighting system.