RAYN Touch Controller

RaynTouch product

The innovative RAYN Touch controller is designed specifically to offer granular control of variable spectrum horticultural research luminaires and supplemental devices, like dimmers and relays. The RAYN Touch unit controls multiple growing zones independently, with the ability to record specific spectra and trigger those spectra using day plans with to-the-second, time-of-day commands. Record sequences of days with iterations to manage crop illumination automatically within each zone. With the spectra recording, scheduling, and reporting features in RAYN Touch, researchers can easily recreate lighting conditions for each experiment.

Easy installation, sophisticated control

RAYN Touch makes it easy to set up spectra using a graphical interface, displaying the number of emitted μmol/s for each waveband of each light. RAYN Touch supports up to 80 individually controllable luminaires or relays per unit. Make the system your own by setting each luminaire to any desired spectral mix.

Monitor PAR with the RAYN Photo Sensor. When paired with the Photo Sensor, RAYN Touch’s Daily Light Integral (DLI) control allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of light energy your plants receive each day.

Track the feedback from RAYN sensors directly in RAYN Touch with a history graph and export collected data as a report. RAYN Touch configurations, including spectral levels and day plan programming, can also be exported for accurate record keeping.

Smooth programming starts with RAYN Touch

Get the granular control you need with RAYN Touch, from the brightness of each waveband to the minute-by-minute schedule in your grow area. Coordinate your growth plan from a fully-interactive touchscreen with pinch, zoom, and displace actions.

RAYN Touch Controller